Why Is It So Hard To Exercise In The Heat?

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Muscles that are active during exercise demand more energy and, consequently, increased blood supply and delivery of oxygen. This means the heart has to work harder to re-circulate blood to the active muscles. Exercising muscles also generate heat, as a by-product of chemical reactions inside cells. This increases core body temperature which, if not compensated for, can compromise the ongoing

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Know The Best Way to Deal With The Heat

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For professional athletes, exercising in warm conditions can improve performance and is sometimes essential to prepare for different environmental conditions, such as preparing for an Olympic games in a hot country. Heat stroke is a serious illness and those most at risk include adults aged over 65 years, babies and young children, pregnant women, people with existing medical conditions and

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How to Exercise Safely In The Heat

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Exercise alone can be hard, but exercising in the heat is a whole lot harder. Put simply, this is due to the balance between how much heat the body generates and how much it is capable of losing. Human core body temperature typically remains around 36.5°C to 37°C, with small fluctuations across the day. Larger changes above 40°C can be

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